Streamline Your Cinema Experience with Custom Solutions

published on 08 October 2023

Today's movie lovers want seamless and personalized viewing experiences across theaters and streaming platforms. This presents an opportunity for forward-thinking cinemas to take control of their video content through custom streaming solutions.

In this article, we'll explore how bespoke streaming sites and apps can help enhance the moviegoer journey by showcasing your cinema's own film catalog. We'll break down key benefits, guide you through implementation best practices, and provide tips for optimizing streaming success.

The Power of Custom Streaming

Launching your own branded streaming site unlocks advantages compared to relying solely on mass market platforms:

Curation and Control

A custom streaming platform lets you handpick and curate your film collections. You can easily add or remove titles anytime based on deals, sponsorships, or programming priorities. With complete control over your catalog, you can create themed collections that align with your cinema's brand identity.

Flexible Viewing Options

White label streaming provides flexibility to offer both rental and subscription options at various price points. For example, you could enable special subscription rates for loyalty members or provide limited offline viewing access on mobile. The options are fully customizable to your cinema's needs.

Strengthened Brand Experience

Owning the platform allows you to customize the look, feel, and messaging to match your visual identity. Viewers browse a streaming site showcasing your branding, custom promotions and collections tailored for your audiences. Features like personalized recommendations based on loyalty data further reinforce your distinctive brand experience.

Unified Moviegoer Journey

By integrating streaming into your cinema's website and apps, you provide a seamless destination for showtimes, ticket sales, and video. Offering bundled streaming packages with ticket purchases incentivizes sign-ups and increases customer lifetime value.

New Revenue Streams

A streaming platform unlocks new direct-to-consumer revenue beyond the box office. You can generate income through rentals, subscriptions, ads and sponsorships. Early streaming access or bundled memberships offer additional monetization avenues.

Choosing the Right Streaming Technology

With the variety of solutions available, how do you determine the best fit for powering your custom streaming platform? Here are key factors to evaluate:

Robust Content and Data Management

  • Catalog flexibility: Easily ingest, update and organize your film offerings.
  • Curated collections: Build themed channels and video bundles.
  • Audience analytics: Gain insights into viewer behavior and preferences.
  • Loyalty integration: Unify membership data across cinema and streaming.
  • Personalization: Recommendations and customization capabilities.

Branding and Experience

  • Customizable branding: Match visual themes to your cinema identity.
  • Owned content: Spotlight original and exclusive content.
  • Tailored discovery: Control browse, search and recommendations.
  • Checkout: Set customized subscription or rental options.

Technical Capabilities

  • Video performance: Optimized streaming across devices.
  • Infrastructure: Cloud hosting and scalability for high uptime.
  • Device support: Availability across web, mobile, TV apps.
  • APIs: Connect cinema data, loyalty programs, payments.
  • Account management: Single sign-on across cinema properties.

Cinema-Focused Providers

Top platforms tailored for cinema streaming include:

  • Filmgrail Video - Offers loyalty program integration and a cinema-centric experience.
  • OWNZONES - Provides flexibility for niche studio content licensing.
  • Vimeo OTT - Focused on branding customization and simplicity.

Best Practices for Implementation

Once you've selected a platform, here are key steps for a successful launch:

Site Configuration

  • Ingest your film catalog into the platform.
  • Build customized rental, subscription and bundle options.
  • Create themed collections and channels for discovery.
  • Connect cinema data sources and loyalty programs.

Technical Integration

  • Encode and optimize videos for streaming delivery.
  • Rigorously test performance across devices.
  • Enable seamless sign-on from cinema apps and sites.
  • Prominently showcase streaming in cinema properties.

Launch and Promotion

  • Redirect cinema streaming pages to the new platform.
  • Promote through emails, social media, loyalty programs.
  • Offer special introductory discounts or bundles.
  • Submit streaming app to platforms like Roku and Apple TV.

Measuring and Optimizing Success

Once live, focus on these best practices to maximize streaming impact:

Analyze Key Performance Metrics

  • Conversions: Sign-ups, rentals, bundle purchases.
  • Engagement: Streaming sessions and content consumption.
  • Retention: Churn rate and customer lifetime value.
  • Marketing efficiency: Cost to acquire users.

Optimize Viewing Experience

  • Personalization: Refine recommendations with data.
  • Performance: Tune streaming delivery for quality.
  • Testing: Experiment with pricing and bundles.

Fuel Growth

  • Promotions: Drive sign-ups through discounts and bundles.
  • Partnerships: Distribute through TV apps and OTT platforms.
  • Marketing: Advertise to loyalty members and moviegoers.

Apply Cinema Data Insights

  • Programming: Identify top-streamed films for theatrical releases.
  • Customer segmentation: Provide VIP perks to high-value fans.
  • Demand forecasting: Understand streaming signals for distribution.

Start Streaming Today

A custom streaming site gives your cinema control over its video content while providing distinctive viewing experiences. Compared to mass market platforms, branded streaming drives engagement, fuels new revenue, and reinforces your brand. To learn more about powering seamless streaming with loyalty integration and cinema-centric analytics, visit and request a demo. With the rise of streaming, now is the time to unlock your cinema's owned video destination.

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