Sell More Tickets with a Cinema App

published on 08 October 2023


The cinema industry is rapidly evolving. Movie theaters face declining ticket sales and difficulties engaging today's audiences. Outdated software and lackluster experiences make it hard to keep up with changing consumer demands. This is where custom cinema apps come in - they provide an innovative way for theaters to drive revenue, connect with moviegoers, and optimize operations.

Cinema apps enable direct engagement through customized mobile experiences. They allow theaters to promote films, sell tickets, communicate with customers, and gather data to improve sales. Apps also facilitate prepaid concessions ordering, express pickup, tailored promotions, and integrated loyalty programs. With these features, cinemas can boost revenue, provide unmatched convenience, and deliver engaging moviegoer experiences.

This article will explore how purpose-built cinema apps from Filmgrail can help theater owners increase ticket sales, improve moviegoer engagement, and optimize checkout processes. You'll learn how tailored mobile apps create promotional opportunities, build loyalty, and streamline operations. With examples and expert insights, we'll discuss the capabilities that allow apps to drive real business impact. Read on to see how cinema apps can become an indispensable part of your theater's tech stack.

Engaging Moviegoers with a Cinema App

A cinema app provides a direct pipeline for engaging today's mobile-centric audiences. With a custom-designed experience focused on their needs, moviegoers enjoy greater convenience, connectivity, and personalization. Apps keep customers invested in your brand before, during, and after their theater visit.

Trailer and Movie Content

Cinema apps grant access to engaging film content that entertains and informs patrons. Moviegoers can view trailers, explore details on upcoming releases, and access exclusive videos like behind-the-scenes footage, celebrity interviews, and fan events. Sneak peeks and special promotions around new movies also build excitement. Personalized recommendations based on viewing history cater to individual interests.

Showtimes and Ticketing

Apps make it simple for patrons to discover films playing at your theater. Intuitive browsing and filtering of showtimes removes friction during the ticket buying journey. In-app ticketing eliminates trips to the box office by enabling purchases directly through the app. Features like express pickup, delivery, and seat selection further enhance convenience.

Concessions and Dining

Ordering food and drinks through the app increases sales and quickens fulfillment. Patrons can pre-order and prepay for concessions, then use express lanes to grab their snacks. App-based ordering reduces wait times and lines. Loyalty programs encourage purchases by offering rewards points or discounts for buying concessions.

Driving Ticket Sales with a Cinema App

Cinema apps are primed for targeted promotions that fill seats. Your theater gains data-driven marketing capabilities to segment audiences and convert moviegoers. Prepurchase options make it simpler for patrons to buy tickets. Apps optimize sales campaigns and the customer purchase process from start to finish.

Promoting Movies and Events

Apps allow wide promotion of upcoming films and special events through multiple channels. Splash screens highlight major releases while push notifications inform patrons of new movies, fan events, and more. Special screenings, marathons, and double-features can be touted to drive attention and sales.

Limited-time concession combos and loyalty perks also incentivize ticket purchases. Apps provide a direct pipeline for getting your biggest shows in front of engaged customers.

Targeted Segmentation and Offers

Collecting data through apps enables sophisticated audience segmentation. You can profile customers based on activity, ratings, and purchase history, then deploy hyper-targeted campaigns. Special movie promotions, personalized discounts, and VIP access passes keep your most valuable patrons engaged. For example, customers who frequently attend action films can receive exclusive offers for upcoming releases in that genre.

Streamlined Purchase Process

Apps allow moviegoers to fully manage the ticket buying process. Patrons can select shows, purchase, and receive delivery of tickets all within the app. Prepaid orders are fulfilled via express pickup or kiosk self-service. Integrations with digital wallets and smart assistants simplify checkout. These end-to-end purchase capabilities make it easier for patrons to buy, increasing conversion.

Optimizing Checkout with a Cinema App

Cinema apps introduce innovations that optimize point-of-sale operations. Prepaid ordering and smarter upselling reduce checkout delays while loyalty programs integrated into transactions boost satisfaction. Apps also gather customer data to continually refine checkout experiences.

Prepaid Ordering

Prepaid concessions and ticketing ordering through apps combat long lines and wait times. Customers simply pick up orders at the theater or use reserved seating for prepaid tickets. Incentives like loyalty points and order readiness alerts encourage prepaid adoption. Prepurchase data also allows staffing adjustments to match demand. For example, additional registers can be opened if a popular film's showtime has high preorders.

Smarter Upselling

Apps enable intelligent recommendations of add-ons during checkout based on individual preferences and order history. Combo deals, one-click concessions additions, and targeted promotional prompts increase average order value. Upsold items improve customer satisfaction when offers are relevant.

Faster Payment Options

Contactless payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay integrated into cinema apps speed up checkout and increase security. Stored payment methods make one-click purchasing a reality. Self-serve kiosks give customers more flexibility to pick up prepaid orders. Apps also support loyalty program integration and instant redemption of points or rewards during payment.

Key Takeaways

  • Cinema apps drive ticket sales by promoting films through targeted marketing campaigns, simplifying the purchase process, and incentivizing prepaid orders.

  • Moviegoer engagement improves through exclusive content, trailers, showtime browsing, and integrated concessions ordering in the app experience.

  • Apps optimize checkout via prepaid ordering, intelligent upselling, contactless payments, and integrated loyalty programs.

  • The convenience, connectivity, and personalization of cinema apps like Filmgrail's make moviegoing more accessible, enjoyable, and profitable.

The capabilities of tailored cinema apps make them a worthwhile investment for progressive theaters. Their utility across promoting, engaging, and selling to moviegoers provides measurable improvements in revenue, operations, and customer satisfaction. By implementing a custom-designed app experience, cinemas can thrive in the digital age while delivering unmatched value and convenience to patrons. Learn more about how Filmgrail's cinema apps can benefit your theater.

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