Make Buying Tickets A Breeze With Seamless Checkout

published on 08 October 2023

Introduction: Why Seamless Checkout Matters

A seamless and optimized checkout process is critical for any business selling tickets online. Research shows that nearly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned during checkout due to a poor or confusing buying experience. For movie theaters specifically, it's estimated that over 50% of online movie ticket orders are abandoned before completion, resulting in millions in lost revenue. With consumer expectations for fast, convenient digital transactions on the rise, theaters simply cannot afford a clumsy, disjointed ticket buying process. A seamless, streamlined checkout flow converts more sales by reducing friction and checkout drop-off. Implementing the right checkout optimization technology, like the solutions offered by companies such as Vista or Vendini, can significantly increase online ticket revenue and customer satisfaction.

Challenges With Current Theater Ticket Buying Process

The ticket buying experience at many movie theaters is still clunky, disjointed, and frustrating for customers. Common issues include:

Pain Points for Customers

  • Difficulty finding and selecting ideal seats from a text-based seat map

  • Confusion choosing between different ticket types like 3D, IMAX, VIP, etc.

  • No clear order total or progress indicator showing checkout status

  • Hard to split up payment within a group or family

  • Inconvenient access and payment options through mobile devices

Operational Hurdles for Theaters

  • High payment processing fees that eat into ticket revenues

  • Shopping cart abandonment rates over 50% for online orders, resulting in millions in lost sales

  • Inability to capture customer data for marketing and promotions

  • Manual order processing that ties up staff and resources

  • Outdated point-of-sale and ticketing systems that are time-consuming and inefficient

For example, many theaters still rely on legacy systems like Ticketmaster which are not optimized for modern omni-channel sales. These problems lead to lost ticket sales, lower revenue, poor customer experiences, and operational inefficiencies for movie theaters.

Benefits of Optimized Checkout for Movies

Implementing an optimized checkout process provides tremendous benefits for both moviegoers and theaters:

Perks for Customers

  • Intuitive interactive seat maps make selecting seats simple

  • Simplified ticket type options reduce choice paralysis

  • Checkout progress indicator provides visibility into order status

  • Easy group ordering and split payments for families

  • Mobile wallet integration enables contactless checkout via Google Pay or Apple Pay

Advantages for Movie Theaters

  • Higher conversion rates and online ticket sales, potentially 10-15% revenue bump

  • Lower payment processing costs due to fewer abandoned carts

  • More efficient staff workflows to process online orders

  • Rich customer data for targeted marketing campaigns

  • Integrations with POS, inventory, and loyalty systems

Optimized checkout is a win-win, driving greater revenue for theaters while providing a smoother buying process for customers.

Key Checkout Optimization Features

Some key features for optimizing the online movie ticket checkout process include:

  • Interactive seat maps - Make seating selection visual and intuitive

  • Streamlined ticket options - Reduce clutter by only showing relevant ticket add-ons

  • Progress trackers - Show checkout status and order totals in real-time

  • Group ordering - Allow easy group purchases with split payments

  • Mobile wallet integration - Enable contactless payments through Apple Pay or Google Pay. This allows customers to checkout in just a few taps.

  • Well-designed pages - Use clean, simple page layouts and transaction flows

  • Integrations - Connect checkout to POS systems, inventory, loyalty programs

  • Targeted upsells - Offer relevant add-ons like concessions during checkout

  • Tokenization - Securely store payment information to enable faster repeat purchases

These features working together can turn a disjointed checkout experience into a seamless, optimized buying process.

Spotlight on Filmgrail Checkout Technology

Filmgrail offers cinema operators a customized online checkout solution designed specifically for optimizing movie ticket sales. Their interactive seat maps allow customers to visually select their exact seats, rather than puzzling over a text-based chart. Group ordering is made easy with split payment options for hassle-free family purchases. Mobile wallet integration enables one-touch checkout using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Key features include:

  • Interactive seat maps - Customers can visually pick exact seats from a dynamic map

  • Ticket type selection - Easily select premium options like 3D, IMAX, and DBOX

  • Real-time order tracking - Checkout progress indicator shows price updates

  • Group ordering - Hassle-free group ticket purchases with split payments

  • Mobile wallet integration - One-touch payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Modern design - Clean, simple checkout pages and transaction flows

  • Software integrations - Sync with POS systems, inventory, membership programs

  • Targeted upsells - Smart promotions for add-ons like concessions

  • Tokenized payments - Securely stores payment information for faster repeat purchases

Filmgrail’s checkout technology brings a smooth, modern ticket buying experience to theaters while increasing online sales and revenue. Learn more about how Filmgrail can optimize your cinema's checkout process.

Best Practices for Seamless Checkout

Here are some top tips for optimizing your movie ticket checkout process:

  • Offer interactive seat maps to make seating selection visual and intuitive

  • Limit ticket type choices to avoid choice overload

  • Provide progress trackers and order status updates throughout checkout

  • Support group ticket purchases with split payment options

  • Integrate mobile wallet and contactless payments for faster checkout

  • Use clean, minimal page layouts and transaction flows

  • Send order confirmations and delivery updates post-purchase

  • Leverage customer data for targeted upsell promotions

  • Implement security measures like tokenization to protect payment data

Following modern ecommerce best practices for streamlined checkout will drive higher online ticket sales and customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

An optimized checkout process is critical for increasing online movie ticket sales. Key features like interactive seat maps, progress trackers, group ordering, mobile wallet integration, and smart upsells create a seamless buying experience that converts more customers. By implementing modern checkout optimization technology, movie theaters can significantly boost online revenue and deliver a smooth ticketing process that today's consumers demand.

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