Next-gen cinema apps

Engage with your moviegoers, grow your brand and drive ticket sales with our custom apps built for cinema theaters worldwide. 


Elevate the moviegoer experience beyond the big screen

Everything movie lovers want.


Boost your cinema sales on-the-go

Our mobile app offers a seamless and optimized checkout experience that drives increased theater profitability.

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    Our mobile apps are designed to help you elevate your ticket buying experience on-the-go.

    With one-tap booking options, saved credit card details and a mobile wallet that includes stored gift cards and loyalty points, we've streamlined the process for maximum convenience. Meanwhile, our predictive technology and personalized checkout ensure hassle-free transactions each time.

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    Our mobile apps are designed to offer easy integrations with any third-party platform you have in your tech stack.

    Natively built, they're fully capable of supporting full ticketing integrations, payment solutions, loyalty programs and additional features like parking bookings.

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    Enjoy fast & easy ordering of concessions using our mobile app's convenient tools

    Our simple checkout flow makes it effortless for moviegoers to pre-order food and beverages from you. You'll be able to remind moviegoers to pre-book their meals, so they can fuel their hungry bellies in no time once at your theater.

    • Concessions booking in checkout flow
    • Retargeting capabilities

Connect with moviegoers anytime, anywhere

With our mobile app, it's easy to make meaningful connections with your audience, no matter where they are.


Tailored customizations & seamless integrations

 We customize our apps to your brand and automate all integrations with your existing technology stack. 

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    Ecommerce & merchandising platforms

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    Restaurant booking platforms

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    VOD streaming over DRM solutions

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    Other third-party solutions

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